Licorice Nuggets

100% Pure & Natural

Licorice Nuggets

To produce Licorice Extract Nuggets, we choose the best licorice root from Iran and importing from our factory in Azerbaijan Republic. After cleaning and drying, we grind the dry roots and then the extraction is done with 17 P.P.M. mineral water and the latest technology of industrial machinery without any chemical additives during the extraction process. The whole process is fully automatic. The concentrated extract became more concentrate by Falling film evaporator and then it enters the Concentrate Finisher machines for final concentration. The taste and flavor is strong and also the color is brownish black. The licorice extract nuggets are the small sizes of Licorice extract blocks. Some factories require smaller pieces of solid (Blocks) licorice extract and this is the why that we produce Licorice extract nuggets.

Sepidan Osareh Jonoob Company is a Producer and Exporter of all kinds of licorice products such as Licorice Extract Powder, Licorice Extract Blocks, Licorice Extract Paste, Licorice Extract Granules, DGL and etc.

Our factory is one of the largest producer of licorice products in the Middle East that Exports the licorice products to all over the world specially Europe, China and UAE.

Our production capabilities are 20 metric tons of all kinds of licorice products per day. During production our laboratory analyzes the products by HPLC to ensure that the products have high quality. After production, the products are checked with the metal detector machine. So if any metal is in the products that cannot be seen with eyes, it is identified with this machine and they are rejected.

We can supply you with premium grade products in accordance with your requested analysis.

What is Licorice?

It is a self-growing plant which is known as Glycyrrhiza glabra.

It is found in abundance in different parts of Asia that Iran has the best quality of it. Licorice roots have long been used in traditional medicine.

Features of licorice:

From ancient times to the present, licorice has been used traditionally to treat colds, gastrointestinal diseases and also its paste has been used to heal muscle cramps and etc.

And the other uses are:

Digestive system booster, Stomach disorders, Cough relief, Healing the respiratory system, Treatment of indigestion, Anti-inflammatory, Boosts the immune system, Sore throat relief, Liver protection, Anti-Virus, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Weight loss, Suitable for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Eczema, Laxatives and etc.

Uses: Traditional Medicine, Pharmaceutical Industry, Confectionery, Industrial, Beverages, Cosmetic, Tobacco, Natural Sweetener, Food Stuff, Spices & etc.

Licorice Nuggets