Sepidan Osareh Co.

Producer and Exporter Of Licorice Extract Products to all over the world.

Our Story

Sepidan Osareh Jonoob factory was established in 2003. We are located in 60th Km of Shiraz – Sepidan Road, Homashahr, Fars, Iran. Since 2003, our company has been one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of licorice products. Our company produces 20 tons of all kinds of licorice products daily. We are pleased to inform you that we produce all licorice products such as all kinds of Roots, Licorice extract powder, Blocks, Granules, Paste, DGL and etc.

Our Laboratory

In the laboratory we check all incoming raw material which means licorice roots, and also finished products.

We analyze all kinds of products specific parameters such as Glycyrrhizic Acid, Glycyrrhizin, Ash Content, Hot Water Insoluble, Cold Water Insoluble, Starches & Gums, Total Sugar, Moisture and PH with HPLC.

Our specialists test the samples every day to ensure that the best products are offered to customers.

Our factory is one of the enormous producer & exporter of licorice products in the Middle East that Exports the licorice products to all over the world specially Europe, China and UAE.

We can supply you with premium grade

products in accordance with your requested analysis.

Packing Licorice Extract Powder
Packing Licorice Powder
Packing Licorice Extract Blocks